Jane Lindland

"Your body is your temple and your vehicle, cherish it and treat it well".

BIO: Jane Lindland has been a student of pilates for a decade. Her struggles with back issues and Rheumatoid Arthritis initially drew her to contrology (pilates) as a chosen form of exercise. Because of the amazing benefits and results from Pilates, Jane pursued her certification through Power Pilates of New York. She has studied under Kathy Van Patten and Nora Gomez-Dears of Boston Bodyworks Studio and Atelier Pilates.
Jane states, "Pilates has changed my life. I encourage the healthy and anyone suffering from chronic pain to give Pilates a try. The results are amazing. My body at 40 is stronger and more fit then in my 20's. This will be a challenging form of exercise that will take you through the end of your life".

Jane is also the Director and owner of Lil' Sprouts of Essex; a nationally accredited Preschool serving children 2 -5 years of age. She holds an M.ED in Early Childhood Education.

144 Main St., Essex, MA. 01929